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There is a Place like Home

Modern Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine 

ELSI restaurant is an elegant take on contemporary Ethiopian authentic cuisine curated by top chefs. ELSI showcases some of the most celebrated food in Ethiopia inspired by an age-old culture of communal approach to dining. Our Menu reflects the rich authentic Ethiopian food with the touch of modern presentation using the best ingredients and traditional techniques.


​Enjoy the Vibe

​We take inspiration from Ethiopian ancient dining  culture in which it is known for being a shared experience, with large platters of food being served family-style. This communal way of dining is an important part of our country’s food culture and reflects the Ethiopian value of hospitality. We encourage our guests to choose a variety of entrees to share with their dining companions and enjoy the welcoming vide.

An Authentic Experience

ELSI's balanced mix of spices gives our dishes a distinct taste that is authentic to Ethiopia.


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13825 Outlet drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904

​Monday - Thursday: 11 AM - 2 AM

​​Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 3 AM

Sunday: 12 AM - 2 AM

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